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Price Guide

Car Wrapping

With so many vehicles, in all shapes and sizes, it is impossible to give a price for every vehicle make and model. Prices are based on vinyl coverage needed, complexity of the car and the vinyl finish (Gloss, Matte, Satin, Metallic, Carbon, Textured and Chrome)   

Please see below for prices for these categories. Prices should be used as an estimate only. Prices may vary slightly depending on your vehicles make and model type.

Smart Car

From £1500

Small Car (Mini, Fiesta)

From £1700

Medium Car (Audi A3, 1 Series)

From £1800

Large Car (Audi A5, C Class)

From £2000

4 x 4 (Range Rover, Q7)

From £3000

Supercar (Ferrari, Lamborghini)

From £3500

Please note that it is a additional £500 - £800 for the door shuts to be wrapped.

Partial wrap prices vary (roof, window trims, mirrors etc)

You can request your quote by filling out the form below. 


Window Tinting

All our window tints and light tints come in any shade and with lifetime guarantee.


All our tint prices can be found by clicking the link below.


We have 4 packages available in detailing from the winter protection package to a multi stage detail #TheG17Finale

Book or find more details on our detailing packages below


Paint Protection Film PPF

All paint protection film quotes vary please film the form out for a quotation.


For any other enquires request a quote by filling out the form.

We Offer 100% Interest free finance, request below


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